Hollywood war movies gave no hint.

That story briefly mentioned other incidents in which, witnesses said, refugees died at U.S. hands. Our journalists deliver in-depth reporting with the excellence and integrity that has earned us over 50 Pulitzer Prizes since 1922. "Word came through the line, open fire on them," Wenzel recalled... "We understood that we were fighting for these people, but we had orders to fire on them and we did." . Discover the wealth of topics AP covers in breaking and archive services. AP's non-secular journalism initiative brings you the latest news, data, insights and analysis. The war ended in a stalemate, and tensions would continue through 13 U.S. presidents. Maggio said the Korean War was a precursor to the Vietnam War and defined how the U.S. would participate in its own series of massacres against civilians caught up in the Cold War domino game. EDITOR'S NOTE -- The Associated Press recently reported on the killings of up to 400 South Korean refugees at the hamlet of No Gun Ri during the 1950-53 Korean War. Appeal to the travelers, chefs and fashionistas in your audience with features, tips and coverage of current industry trends. Testimony, although a favorite item of the news media, is not a very reliable piece of evidence--especially decades after the fact. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. --Booklist starred review, "The authors [of The Bridge at No Gun Ri] have done their research and tell an excellent tale -- one that the U.S. Army tried to forget."

Meticulously researched, scrupulously fair, and exceptionally well written, The Bridge at No Gun Ri is as complete as it is compelling. (p. 126). All rights reserved. Survivors said hundreds died, mostly women and children. For example, an investigation team, led by former Associated Press correspondent Charles Hanley, later uncovered atrocities committed by U.S. troops against helpless South Korean refugees during the early days of the war.

Buddy Wenzel, the dropout who found his "out" in the Army, had no idea what he might be asked to do someday. . This is a book about remembering the past that is itself impossible to forget." Subsequent events in and after the war could have easily altered them. The Koreans were peasant families trapped in their ancestral valley between the North Korean invaders and the American intervention force. Mendoza, the recipient of a John S. Knight Fellowship at Stanford University, is an Associated Press national reporter in San Jose, California, who has won numerous awards for her investigative work. Follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/russcontreras, FILE - In this January 1954 file photo, three Americans who refused repatriation, take a smoke break outside the peace hut at Panmunjom, Korea.
“I also was curious.

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