At least three Sith Lords served as Sith Emperor: Vitiate, Vowrawn, and Darth Krayt, while Acina served as Sith Empress.

", "It's like- it's like-" she starts crying again, the tears flowing down her face as she puts distance between us. It's what both Padmé and I have been working on for the last three years, end the war so we could be together more, instead of just- maybe a few times a year.
"Move away from him!". He wants to kill you! "No... Anakin-no-", She's lied to me enough today. "He's a traitor, Padmé! Can't we just... go? "Obi-Wan!" He must've cloaked his presence in the Force and waited before making his presence known. Obi-Wan's words go right through me.

My focus is back on the woman that betrayed me.

I hope you enjoyed this opening chapter! I've never been known for my patience and I wasn't about to risk it with them.

Telling her the truth that I did do all of those things probably wouldn't help matters right now. However, the Guard don't seem to do their jobs very well or even seem relevant compared to the power of Emperor Palpatine. It would be nicer, however, if she told me she brought him instead of lying to me and pretending now to not know he was onboard the whole time. I didn't tell him anything- I wouldn't! I'm barely aware of the shiver going down the base of Padmé's spine, but she's still in my arms and I could feel it. I can see what she's trying to do but it won't work.

Together. Star Wars The Dark Side (Emperor) Collectible Tin Lunch Box. I'll meet her outside and that is where I'll keep her, I doubt she'd approve of the redecorating I did in the main control center. Who would want to say bad things about me?" A/N: I've done some soul searching and decided to start this story from scratch.
"Palpatine was right." ", She shakes her head, backing away from me.

One thing that's never changed though is my love for her, I just have a different set of tools now. "He said- he told me you turned to the dark side.

“Obi-Wan… there is good in him.

"Padmé." Something suddenly happens, but I'm not exactly sure what it is that's happening. "No!". Padmé lands her ship successfully next to mine and I spend a moment letting go of my hate, my anger and the fear that I once felt more than anything else in the galaxy that is now nothing more than dust under my boots. That was her answer for everything, now the tables have turned and I can't leave everything behind, not when I'm this close to getting what I want- what I need! "You," I growl, letting her hear my anger, my disappointment. If you read the original Dark Emperor, I deleted it and am replacing it with this story. The smell of her is intoxicating and the feel of her in my arms- everything is right in the galaxy.

The Emperor tasks Vader with rebuilding himself and tapping into the dark side once more, but as a final penalty, prohibits him from using the Force. I hate cliff hangers too but I assure you that you'll like what I got planned for chapter two and I assure you, that it'll be worth the wait. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. He can do the dirty work, all the messy, brutal oppression it'll take to unite the galaxy- unite the galaxy against him.

When he attempts to use the Force, Sidious disables and overpowers him, holding his apprentice in a relentless Force choke.

This'll be a true Sith story, and this Vader will become the Sith (Force-sensitive) that he was supposed to be when he reaches his full potential (which he will reach).

Shaking my head, I continue.

Her voice trembles as she tries to talk herself out of this mess she found herself in. What about Padmé? But this experience, as grim as it turned out to be, has also laid the foundation for Vader’s redemption in Return of the Jedi. I begin to laugh without humor.

We have duties and responsibilities, she would always say.

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