Learn about the process behind our excellent initiative. Kickstart Your Journey To Earning Profits As A Digital Farmer. event : evt, Farmland is an attractive, long-term investment that has the potential to provide  relative resiliency to challenging economic conditions. } However, we are a 100% digital compliant brand.

Frank manages Fund I’s 5,800 acres of farmland east of San Francisco; he is responsible for tenant relations, leasing, livestock management and farm infrastructure. While there were a few dozen U.S. farm investing funds there, I was encouraged to see how many pension funds and high-net-worth family offices were also there looking into farmland investment. Frank holds General Engineering and General Building contractor’s licenses and has over 25 years of professional experience in public works and water infrastructure, project management, construction and livestock management. All our farms and farmers have a comprehensive insurance cover to mitigate all risks. Proceed to payment. Off Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun. I like this company. Kevin earned a B.S.

We pride as Africa’s fastest growing Agritech Company.

listeners: [], I expect to be made redundant. You are also invited for our quarterly #VillageMeeting where you get to meet with farmers and see how your partnership is affecting real people and effecting real change. Managing a sustainable farmland investment fund requires expertise ranging from business management to farm management, legal to livestock production, and finance to crop specialists. Previously, he held the position of Chief Financial Officer and Controller of Pratum Co-op, where he led accounting and finance as the company grew from $60 million to $106 million in annual revenue. on: function(evt, cb) { Facebook: @farmfundsafrica

b: Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit.

journalists in 50+ countries covering politics, business, innovation, trends and more. Ikeja, Lagos.

At the end of the farm cycle, as a farmfunder, you earn profits coupled with your partnership funds paid directly into your local bank account. Choose from a variety of plans for your own profits. Address: 12a, Sanyaolu street. Craig is a seasoned executive with nearly 30 years of experience building companies, such as Depotech, which developed and currently produces an FDA-approved treatment for metastatic brain cancer (sold to Skyepharma), and Kindmark, which developed and sold automated employee charitable contribution programs for Fortune 500 Companies (sold to Kintera, now Blackbaud). Prior to Pratum, Randy led financial planning for agriculture, manufacturing, distribution and corporate finance at Harry & David, as the company grew from $180 million to $660 million in annual revenue.

An investment in agriculture has social and economical benefits that include keeping farmers in the business of farming, keeping the world fed and clothed, bringing jobs and success to a community and supporting family businesses.

Decide which farm cycle to fund. We focus on generating competitive risk-adjusted returns while accruing benefits to stakeholders across the ecosystems in which we operate. All our available farms have their farm cycles which ranges between 100 days to 270 days (9 months). True platforms like yours are rare. ", "You guys are doing a good job. Summit Ag Funds aim to maximize value creation by positioning assets to benefit from appreciation within the larger farmland investing market. LandFund Partners acquires, manages and improves row crop farmland properties in the lower Mississippi River Valley. Our experience in successful farmland investing along with farmland management is an asset to our valued investors. Before that, he was at Vaquero Capital where he advised technology companies in over $120M worth of M&A transactions. Receive profits when crops are harvested and sold, in most cases, annually. We are currently working with farmers across different regions of the country whilst we are currently setting up one of the largest farm city in West Africa. Determine what best fits your investment portfolio and invest. It ranges from N40,000 – N1,000,000.

Oops! At Dole, he designed and implemented a crop forecasting model to align supply with demand, smoothing production across growing seasons and regions, and reducing crop price volatility. Farmland LP is proud to have been recognized in 2015. He is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Investing in farmland benefits the investor more than just in financial gains. Phone: +2349062389757, +2349062389767 . By 2050 the world population will grow to over 10 billion people.

Previously, Kirsten was a project manager for a full-service HR company and has over 25 years of administrative and project management experience. Farmland LP is a leading investment fund that generates returns by converting conventional commercial farmland to sustainable.

Explore the many reasons that we believe United States farmland is an attractive investment. LandFund currently manages over 30,000 acres across its pooled investment vehicles and Direct Investment Accounts. Visiting your piece of farmland and seeing it for yourself is a unique opportunity that we invite our investors to experience. The industry has seen positive returns generated every year since 1990, proving it to be one of the most stable asset classes over the past few decades. "I have always been excited about agriculture. Farmland LP received this prestigious honor in 2014. Kevin leads agronomy, leasing, contract farming, and offtake for all Farmland LP properties. We offer fractional farmland ownership opportunities to our members. At the end of the investment's holding period , investors will realize profits from the appreciation of the land. Dean has planted or managed over 3,000 acres from Northern California to the Pacific Northwest. Payment can be made via the following channels: Buy a farmland fund Investors who do not want to get their hands dirty or don’t have the large upfront sums needed to buy farmland, can instead invest in a farmland fund.

Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Deep roots, local relationships and stewardship of the land are key to the firm’s investment process. Mr. Struckmeier leads the day-to-day operations, as well as accounting and finance, for GSF. Presently our head office is in Lagos. You can reach us via our social media platforms He serves on the board of BN Ranch, Bill Niman’s successor company to Niman Ranch, Inc. Mark is responsible for the oversight of accounting and finance for Farmland LP and its funds.

As as Farmfunder, all through the funded farm cycle, a regular update is sent to you via email, sms and at your user dashboard.

Sign In Sign Up. Previously, he was directly responsible for crop production on 14,000 acres of tomatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, spinach, green beans, etc., both conventional and organic production, and was concurrently the Senior Agronomist for 24,000 acres. Ownership in a farm operation allows investors to learn about the many aspects that go into a real working farm and the hard work that goes into feeding the world. Founded in 2009, we manage over 15,000 acres and more than $160 million in … })(); Director of Farm Operations and Business Development. Investing in farmland benefits the investor more than just in financial gains.

Past results of the fund(s), and of farmland investments in general, are not necessarily indicative of future performance, and results may be volatile.

He has over 10 years of experience across investment banking, alternative asset management and technology. We've been bringing great-tasting food to people's tables since 1959. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { © Summit Agricultural Group | All Rights Reserved. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in the most important commodity in the world; food. You will be required to verify your email as part of this process, this step takes less than 2 minutes. Decide which farm cycle to fund. Thank you for encouraging African Farmers. We maintain strict credit standards, lease contracts that ensure the well-being of the farm and its soils and align the tenants’ interests in the farm with our own.

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