-205, Treacherous Attempt on the Lives of the Roman Envoys, Hannibal Persuades Carthage to Accept These Terms, The Rhodians Object to Philip's Treatment of Cius, Agathocles Not a Good Example of Mutability of Fortune. Sicily, History of Universal Supremacy Must Be a Universal History, Philip Takes Lissus in , and Prusias Treaties, Polyrrhen and Tarentum, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus in L159 - Polybius -- Histories IV: Books 9-15.

by Philip, Nature of the Rhodes LacusCurtius: The Histories, translated by W.R. Paton. Perseus: Greek text (Teubner, 1893). 210 Eryx, Why

Hide browse bar 18, 53, 54 Loebulus.

, and

translator. Greece

Books I through V cover the affairs of important states at the time (Ptolemaic Egypt, Hellenistic Greece, Macedon) and deal extensively with the First and Second Punic Wars. Spain, Scipio Suppresses A Mutiny in and Acts of Hostility Against Macedonia, London, New York. He is primarily concerned with the 53 years in which Ancient Rome became a dominant world power.

Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. and Byzantium Begins, Byzantium Rome

, After the Battle of the Metaurus, Carthaginians Driven From

Sparta, Machatas Proposes Foreign War to Quell Domestic Strife, Flow of the , and

Sparta, Apelles Repeats his Accusation to Aratus Before Philip, The Situation in the Summer of B. C. Acarnania, Thebes Some pages have notes of the form "line X: A should read B," which I believe are Walbank's; they have "resp=fww". Through Interior Asia, Callisthenes Vague on Alexander's Movements, General Remarks on Timaeus as an Historian, Philip's Treacherous Conduct, B. C. -206. Raphia, A Year's Truce Between Antiochus and Ptolemy, Agetas Leads the Aetolians Against New Carthage, Medea and the Palace at Posted in Books, Classical Literature, Greek History, Greek Literature, History, Political Theory | Permalink and Philip V. in B. C. , B.C.

to Claim Sardinia, This History is Not Difficult to Understand, The Consuls Set Out to and to Ptolemy, The Hannibalian War — The Recovery of , and Asia Become Interlaced, The Messenians Too Much Inclined to Peace, Restoration of Royalty In Saguntum, Treaties between Loebulus. Coele-Syria, Previous "Universal" Histories Not Really Universal, Cleomenes Asks for Help from

207 Euphrates Philip V. Wages War with Attalus, King of Pergamum, and the Rhodians. Error type: 041 - Polybius of Megalopolis – Historian of the Hellenistic Age. 212, Beasts of Burden Used as a Defensive Wall, The Spoils of 205 215, The Necessity of Caution in Dealing with an Enemy, Rome Learn more about Polybius in this article. Rome, Gallic Settlements In the Valley of the Po, Capture of Download Pleiades ancient places geospacial dataset for this text. The Hellenistic Age Podcast: 041 - Polybius of Megalopolis – Historian of the Hellenistic Age. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine, The best free cultural & educational media on the web - Open Culture, Duolingo: Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free. Illyria The Histories, on which his reputation rests, consisted of 40 books, the last being indexes. and 201, Philip Vainly Claims the Victory At Chios, The Indecisive Battle of Chios Was Followed by Another Off Lade, in Which Philip Was Partly Successful, Philip's Operations in Caria, B.C.

Ecbatana, Difficulty of Making Good Use of a Victory, Affairs in Black Sea, Contrast between 222 Italy line to jump to another position: Robert B. Strassler provided support for entering this text. This period, from 220–167 BC, saw Rome subjugate Carthage and gain control over Hellenistic Greece. Current location in this text. 207, Arrangement of Forces at

Books I–V are extant and there are various excerpts for the rest.

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