As one would expect from a fashion label named after its creator, Tory Burch herself is very much the embodiment of her aspirational market. She grew up in a Georgian mansion in Pennsylvania and attended the exclusive Agnes Irwin School in Rosemount. By the way, I lost in the finals—and that inspired me too—to work even harder, so I could meet her standards. Watching her unflagging and persistent advocacy for women, for equality and for our responsibility to help others has been a career-long inspiration. So she did what brilliant, ambitious women have always done when the doors of power slammed in their faces: she found another way. In my own career, I benefited from the actions that Justice Ginsburg took to ensure women have an equal opportunity in the workplace, and as a result, I have carried with me the conviction that I could reach the highest levels in my field. Through RBG’s remarkable career, she showed that glass ceilings can be broken not only for individuals but also an entire nation. Her career paved the way for countless women to expand their professional ambitions, and her actions as a trailblazing Supreme Court Justice opened new doors of opportunity for so many while strengthening societal protections for millions of women and underrepresented groups.

All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. About the Author Ana L. Oliveira. She lived an historical and beautiful life, and as a female leader, I will always be grateful to have had such an inspirational role model to learn and draw strength from. Gabrielle Raymond McGee is the Chief Operating Officer of the Tory Burch Foundation.

Walk down any sidewalk from New York to Shanghai and you’ll see women wearing ballet flats with Tory Burch’s distinctive double-T logo. Her pursuit of justice is something everyone can learn from. Under her leadership over the past six years, the Tory digital initiatives have become the go-to resources for women entrepreneurs to #EmbraceAmbition. Most of the inventory sold out on the first day. HBK’s approach works. Ruth Bader Ginsburg did more than fight for equal rights for women. She is publisher of ForbesWomen, a multi-media platform serving successful women in business and. Standing 5’4” and maintaining a rigorously slim figure, Burch wears her own label under expensively groomed hair and immaculate makeup. The lessons we have shared here are exemplary of the power of investing in women. Realising that she no longer wanted to write about fashion, but sell it, she concentrated on launching her own line – helped along by a $2M investment from her then-husband, Chris Burch, in return for joint ownership. HBK asks nothing more from those women than a passion for cooking, a commitment to hard work and a determination to help themselves and their families achieve a better life. Her flagship boutique opened in New York City’s fashion mecca NoLita in 2004, and was an instant smash hit. She worked tirelessly to frame a world that favors big thinking, improved ideas, and fought for women in a world run by men. RBG is a hero to many, me included, and my hope is that generations to come will heed her example internalizing that anything is possible, and more importantly, that women…everyone, matters. She is publisher of ForbesWomen, a multi-media platform serving successful women in business and leadership. My team at The New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) knows this because we’ve been investing in women for 29 years.

By 2009, she had launched the Tory Burch Foundation, a nonprofit supporting the economic empowerment of women. They belong in the ring—fighting. Over that time, we have invested over $50 million in women-led, community-based organizations reaching nearly 6 million of NYC’s women and girls in greatest need.

Their focus on the strengths that women possess, allows them to get started right away on their path to success. Then she became a Supreme Court Justice and defended equal rights and opportunities for everyone.

Through her acumen, tenacity and wit, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a graceful warrior who embodied the very human and civil rights she used her power to fight for. Tory Burch is a name that connotes poise, style and success. She showed us that all women belong in any industry. She used her power to lift up women and never let them fall. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought so hard for all of us, for more years than she needed to. Last February, Tory Burch got a gift from her staff to mark the 10th anniversary of her first store: a coffee-table book chronicling the company’s first decade. All of our successes are built on the foundation that Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave us through her victories. Chief Operating Officer, Tory Burch Foundation. And we are eager to share some what we’ve learned: We pride ourselves on being early investors. Although I might feel rudderless without her in that seat, I am choosing to be a fighter. The solution that these bold women forged proves that with grit, vision – and a willingness to listen – the most difficult of challenges can be overcome. It has successfully equipped cohort after of cohort of women to earn good livings, move on into new positions and even launch their own enterprises. For now, we grieve. When faced with tough social or ethical decisions, I would often ask myself, “What would a leader like Ruth do?” Justice Ginsburg was my hero.

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