The report has the following parts: Product and price categories Though ZARA does better than Gap in sales in recent years, Gap used to be the overlord in garment industry. * Low Inventory Turnover Their full name of the brand was UNIQLO Hong Kong Limited. Sustainability - Is the alternative eco friendly? ...The UNIQLO Business

* Entry Strategy: Entry Mode In 1984, the first UNIQLO store was opened in Hiroshima, Japan. 4.0 Macro and Micro Environmental Factors 8 And everybody can wear casual wear whenever and wherever. Internet stores connect well with stores, you can change your clothes in stores no matter which way you buy it(internet or go to the store) b ASPESI Japan Co., Ltd. References 15 UNIQLO has its own slogan...... ...success. The benefit resulted from low-cost is generating reasonable prices of casual clothes for customers and the high quality transferred high customer utility immediately.

Brand identity and position We try to analysis and prove UNIQLO to enter the Italy market. • 1963: establishment of clothing production company in A Coruῆa, Spain • 1975: first Zara store opens in A Coruῆa • 1985: Inditex Group is established • 1989: first international Zara store opens in Portugal


b PETIT VEHICULE S.A. Uniqlo is the Japanese largest apparel brand owned by fast retailing, apparel is a fast moving consumer goods, include Uniqlo.

According with the information analyzed we found that Uniqlo experienced a high level in account receivables turnover, which means that Uniqlo has high capability to collect its receivables. Wider context of strategy theory Professor: Mark Roeske | The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the brand development decisions, Marketing Mix and interpret the brand performance of UNIQLO, the No. 3.2 Customer Retention for Coca-Cola 7 Mission 2.2 Company’s Marketing Philosophy 2

The apparel of Uniqlo become popular among every generation since the introduction of their fleece jackets, they made the apparel for everyone. PART II/ Environmental Analysis ...The logo:

6 6.0 A Targeting Strategy for a Selected Product 13 3. Taking into consideration investment cash flows structure analysis, from 2010 to 2012, the money that company spent in investing activities is keep increasing. Equity-method affiliate) Around the world there is over 1,400 Uniqlo retail store (Fast Retailing 2014). Long production cycle

Although in 2011, the company suffered a decreasing in earning pershare, but in 2012 , the company had successfully regained an increasing in its eps. 4.2 PEST Analysis 9

The Value Chain Analysis can help UNIQLO identify those activities and develop those areas to get a strong competitive edge over rivals. R&D, procurement of world-class quality materials, production focused in China, and the operation of 750 stores 3.2 External Environments 8 inventory... ...How do Global Retail Companies utilize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Used to be sales leader, the company itself is still very strong Inditex Group Brand Portfolio (2 of...... ...Introduction Mr....... ...UNIQLO Marketing Research Report FAST RETAILING ANNUAL REPORT 2006 The value propositions that , aligned to its value delivery system, are the sources of values are delivered to customer. In contrast to Zara, UNIQLO has yet to establish itself in the U.S. market. UNIQLO’s Business Model As an SPA (Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel) company, UNIQLO integrates the value chain from design to production, quality control, distribution, sales, and promotion. 3 This seamless system allows UNIQLO to consistently offer its customers high-quality products at Such problems have put pressure on the companies to enact a proper reporting framework for their sustainability efforts and that is the focus of this thesis. The other two concepts ‘trade-offs’ and ‘fit’ are based on VRIO criteria (Barney, 2007), which is the basis of the company to generate sustained competitive advantage. 4 1.0 Introduction 1 Japan is famous for innovation and high-tech manufacturing industries but not for fashion. * Strong liquidation The SPA...... ...on the distinctiveness and uniqueness. 2.3 Relationship between An Organizational Structure and Culture. Wance Tacconelli Donghua University Shanghai

Zara Case Study

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